• sun_flower189 51w

    Hidden in the shadow far too long
    My whole life I been sitting in the back
    You think you know me, but you never taken the time to know me!
    Think it's easy battling this depression?
    Take a step behind my close door and you will see the battle isn't easy!
    You don't see me with pills in my hand!
    Battling with my mind; you want me to stop talking about my struggles because it gives me a bad name.
    I'm done sitting in the crowed
    I'm going to step in the game while you watch me WIN and RISE
    This will be my comeback
    It's my time to shine!
    I'm done with the criticism and them putting my dreams down; even though I let them. Not anymore! This is my time and it starts with me!
    You can either ride with me? Or you can sit back and watch me ride to the top!
    We all have this passion in life; chase after it be the world changer that God wants you to be. This is your life don't let anyone stop you! Don't make my mistake letting people stop you and being a people pleasure!
    Make it your time to shine!
    Make it your comeback!