• charis 22w


    Let not your past dictate your future
    We have all heard this before in one way or the other
    My concern though is...are we to take it as it has come to us?
    Or do we have to attach a deeper meaning in order to understand?
    The message is hidden
    And just as the message comes it comes to individuals
    This makes me realise that people will remind you of your past
    They'll remind others of your past
    And they'll talk about it like you would do it again
    Like that is the person you are and you can never change
    Like whatever you did then you would do to them now and not even hesitate
    But the truth is one
    And the truth is that
    It beholds on you to leave your past wherever it is
    Never remind yourself of it
    And if you have to then do so only to guide your ways
    In your current actions just learn from your mistakes