• mustafizray_ 5w

    Folk Lore

    Mike was a boy,
    Clanking pots on the metal door,
    He had friend,
    Her name was soy
    Both wasting there time on Margaret lore.

    Margaret was lovely gal,
    The daring of them all,
    Her tales of privateering synonymous with them all,
    So was how she had fallen in love prince Marvin,
    Prince Marvin was the bravest of them lot,
    Caring and devoted as he was,
    he also had a great lore to tell.

    At the time of birth of his,
    The God in a hurry gave him the wrong body,
    Oh how much he pleaded but no one heard him,
    His own parents even dismissed him,
    He wiped away his tears,
    And vow to be the truest warrior on the face of the kingdom,
    Many moon had past when he finally return back to his kingdom heart.
    His family took one look at him and abandoned him the next,
    Broken and abandoned he didn't lost hope,
    He started helping people less fortunate than him.

    Margaret first saw the prince on one of her Daredevil voyage,
    She lean towards him and he showed her the world,
    On a fall Monday he elope with his bride to be,
    On the very next day whole kingdom came to his humble cottage in the hill,
    He open the door and the whole kingdom stood still,
    Murmurs begin traveling throughout the crowd,
    Words came from the back,
    The have abandoned the old kingdom and it's king in favor of a king who actually cares about his subject.

    The tale of Marvin and Margaret kept spinning on for century,
    There was once a kingdom,
    There was once a Queen,
    And then there was Marvin.

    Mike yawn and soy shut down his Mike,
    Both lean against one another,
    For their story was also coming to close
    In 3, 2, 1... The End.