• kp_2209 23w

    Still the same

    Whole night porn,
    What's the big deal,just a turn onn.
    And if she utters Johnny,
    Oh! How horny.....

    Girl, you are not a virgin,
    Disgusting, what a shame in,
    Boys how keen of you, not to be a virgin too

    Proposal by her,she is a desperate girl.
    Dude,girls are rejecting; just keep on trying

    Oh! he is her best friend, must be a proposal refrained.
    Okay,may be this is the case but who are you to study their phase.
    Maybe their happy going, is the reason why you are loosing....

    I know 'we' are very broad-minded,
    But you see we still have quotes,
    By our famous astrologists who wrote,
    That you are lucky if you are a girl's first love and a boy's last love,
    What a fair vote!!!
    Slow claps for the judges of the love judicial courts...

    While you want us to stay in ones,you want the pleasure of tens...
    It was the past and let it be in that tense,
    So you, with hearts and brains made up of thorns,
    Stay tuned because this mode is switched onn

    Few of them with a better thought, which they try to maintain,
    You call them insane,
    It's not them but you all who follow this hypothetical chain....

    U see in the name of "sanskriti",what you face here is diplomacy,
    Girls separated from their families falls under an important ancestral inheritance called the "Parampara"..
    But the law here is so cool as it becomes intolerance when you do it vice-versa...

    Guys it's not a feminists's call,
    But just the associations here,
    The difference u see has a great fall...

    I know there are better frames written for the same call ,but the frustrated pen,inks them all....✅