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    Happiness is so over-rated nowadays. Sadness is always kept aside. What if sadness could speak and what if happiness could tell the sadness of it’s own importance. A very important lesson to be learnt today - Don’t fear for sadness, don’t avoid the emotion. Happiness will eventually come in our way only if we live through our sad times. Both of these emotions balance the human in us. Both of them are essential for us to survive.

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    The Sadness Speaks

    The sadness quivered,
    To the happiness
    Who was beaming
    With alacrity,
    “Why do they abandon me?”
    “Why they never treasure me?”
    The happiness smirked,
    His face had lightened,
    As he spoke through it’s calmness.
    You are not an epidemic,
    But a gift of life.
    You are a cardinal,
    That makes them human again.
    You are an emotion deemed
    Significant for them to survive
    When your subsistence
    ceases to exist,
    I would be called as unalive.