• uwloti 15w


    I see the reflection of love
    Can you spare a time
    I want to reveal a secret
    It’s a thought of my own sane
    My heart was spacious
    When I saw you at first
    I swerved to your side
    You were superb
    I even forgot
    All the seasons I lived in solitary
    Even how you spoke to me
    Made me swap my heart
    With your love
    The moment you said ‘I do’
    You made me supersonic
    You were grateful in your shape
    Womanly in nature
    You are my kind
    To me you are like a sunflower
    Because you rise like the sun
    And spread in all my surrounding
    Like the stars sparkling in the sky
    Above the sea you can see
    Your face is the only thing I see in sight
    I swear this is love.


    I’ve gone through
    Your letter a hundred times
    Every single line
    Nourished me with a smile
    I thirst for you every single day
    Anytime you show your face
    My heart beats to the rhythm
    Of love
    It calls your name
    I have saved our every moment
    We both built
    In our love house
    Our door is made of smiles
    Yours and mine
    It’s roofed with our portrait
    It’s just for two
    Just me and you
    Let’s not entertain gust
    And let nothing to break
    Our tie.