• mahiruqhwrites 6w

    Standing forth the miror
    Whom did you met?
    I cognized a persona
    My soul do possess

    Lost in the world of souls
    She was shining so bright
    No scars of sorrow
    Hidden under her eyes

    She laughed to pure
    Ever the fairies envy
    She glares so white
    The diamonds grudge

    Even for her walks
    Serfs do bow
    In the world of love
    Plots don't exist

    In those lands of mercy
    Autumn don't knock
    Springs are lasting
    Blooms are enduring

    People sync with blood
    Unlike dont bleed
    Together they behold
    Constellation of hearts


    @rutba_rashid @rameez @captainfatimahabiba @imadream @bariya_hamid

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