• aysha_writes 4w

    It’s something we don’t talk much. Though it is common in our society and slowly we are becoming immune to this. But at some point of life we experience being cheated or cheat our partner.

    Cheating comes in many different forms. It is not limited to simply making out with someone out of your relationship.

    Regardless of the reasons why we cheat or being cheated is that cheating fix that the problem in hand a shallow or short-term. As well regret afterwards.

    Why your partner cheats on you or you cheat? This question is very broad. There can be millions of reasons. But what good impact it gives to your life when finding the reason and trying to resolve the same. I wouldn’t suggest to waste time on that. The best thing always is to move on without him/her. Holding on to it wont make any easier than putting you in misery.

    On a different note;

    Relationships shouldn't be complicated where you're pushing and pulling each other. It should be equally fulfilling. No one should ever be chasing one or the other or desperately clinging on to the other in fear of losing them. It should just flow naturally.

    I would love to hear if any of you have a different view on this!