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    Real men cares for their sweetheart, and always pray for their happiness, 'The desire' is one of such man's wish , @mirakeeworld, @writersnetwork

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    The desire

    If I got three wishes to complete my desire,
    I already made up my mind on things I admire.

    For the first, I will become that one pillow,
    Which gives you comfort, when you'll feel low,
    So that you can grab it tight,
    And remember our every playful fight.

    For the second, I will become that one lullaby,
    Which takes you to stars in that blue sky,
    In a beautiful dream with princess attire,
    Where everything is fulfilled which includes in your desire.

    For the third, I will become that one person,
    Who thinks all the time about your concern,
    At any cost in life till it's due,
    He'll continue to look after you.