• sayali_s_1111 5w

    "And now , the darkness don't scare me anymore
    and not even the spotlights through the public eyes..
    Now , the emotions don't rain out through my eyes
    and not even the hurts hide behind the smiles..
    Now , the loneliness don't haunt me every night
    and not even the emptiness in my room suck my life..
    Now , the alone path don't seem lengthy any longer
    and my hand don't search for holding another..
    Wasted many days , looking back always..
    Lost many nights , overthinking what the future hold tight..
    Beared the pain of lost opportunities because of holding on to fears..
    Tried to correct the wrong doings by all the wrong ways , doing all the wrong things..
    Spent many years , cutting all the outer layers..
    Tried to change the outer world and kept the inner one safe..
    It looked like , everything was different but , actually nothing had changed..
    Got fed up with the outer world and I turned inward..
    And all I did was just worked on myself..
    Everything has changed now , the way I look at the things and even the things I look at..
    My inner world has changed and it actually changed the whole world I look at..��❤" -@sayali_s_1111

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