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    To all the "Friends" fan out there, and to Mr and Mrs Bing.
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    To dear Chandler and Monica

    To dear Chandler and Monica,
    Thankyou for making us laugh with your witty jokes,
    And funny actions.
    Thankyour for teaching us, that no matter how many times you've been broken because of your past relationships,
    When the right one will arrive,
    They'll understand you, and will accept you with your insecurities.
    Thankyou for teaching us,
    That sometimes the best relationships starts with friendship.
    That true love and friendship can go hand in hand,
    And the perfect relationship needs to have a bit of both.
    Thankyou for teaching us,
    How to unconditionally love someone.
    And to look for their happiness before yours.
    That no matter how much you've been broken before,
    Someone will always be there,
    Who can love you right....