• jimcarrol1964 9w

    Boy on the run chapter 1

    Buzz buzz ring ring buzz

    Randy Taylor turned over restlessly in his sleeping bag and grabbed his cell phone off the Barefloor he had been sleeping on.
    " yea, what"
    " delivery on 14th and Avenue A" a gruff voice began.
    " be there in 25 minutes for pickup"
    The phone went dead Randy rolled over in his sleeping bag on the floor his eyes still three-quarters asleep.
    Randy Taylor was only 17 but he had seen a lot in his first 17 years. The son of alcoholic parents who used to beat him all the time. Randy had been in juvenile hall and his parents had gone to jail Randy was on his own when he was released from prison.
    Social Services put him up in the what was euphemistically called the welfare Hotel a run-down hotel for people who didn't have a lot of money or were on Social Services I need a cheap place to stay and that's where they were housed. Because of a snafu with Social Services Randy only had I sleeping bag to sleep on on the floor a few clothes an alarm clock, his cell phone and a small amount of food in the fridge. But he did have a old coffee maker.
    Randy stood up and stretched in a brown T-shirt and white Fruit of the Loom briefs.
    Looking out the window the landscape never really changed, it was always drab and crime ridden, poor and dirty with the usual Street characters already on the streets peddling their Wares and trying to scratch out a living in a very depressed economy.
    Randy had 3 cups of coffee and a quick shower before dressing quickly and heading out the door. He had to grab the b subway train just down the street.
    Randy entered the subway station at 34th street and waited on the platform.
    After a few minutes the b train arrived and randy found a seat half way through the empty subway car