• rustlingrumi 5w

    She wears the earth

    In the path, worn less
    rain settles in a hollow
    earthen bowl eroded soil
    rain trickles and seeps inside
    woven in the brown mud
    tinged yellow with leaves
    of this fall, October is it?

    Evaporates and condenses
    a scent, I’ve sensed
    In a village, In the fields
    farms, the same scent
    perfume of the earth
    In her, I remember.
    Her hair flowing and drifting
    In the monsoon winds
    Eyes, dark as the nimbus clouds
    Skin, she wore the earth
    it’s perfume, yes she did
    I remember.

    Her dress, white
    as the clouds in summer
    red laces, painted in the morning dawn
    or evening dusk?
    Her lips, crooked convex
    like a thunderbolt criss-cross
    a beret, studded with topaz
    fingers, soft as the winter snow
    curved concave nose
    pierced with gold
    shade, not of a painter’s pallet
    lustrous as the spring sunset
    smooth as the November rain.

    She laughed and danced
    Sprinted and sang
    In an autumn twilight
    settling the caravan
    for her
    I remember

    - Siddharth
    ( Edited by Garima Gayatri)