• sattar_x 6w

    Streets bled

    The hollow grounds, the shriek of my people echoes
    In Devoid sounds, our red blood flows
    We stood united fighting the injustice we suffer
    In one voice we shouted our hearts, end sars
    But the truth we speak fall on deaf ears
    Our blood and sweat, our lives our tears
    Ignored by the rulers, the ones we chose
    We entrusted our flock to wolves encased in human clothes
    My people are dying, when will this curse end
    Those in the higher ups are smiling with every bloodshed
    Our motherland has failed us, to whom can we run
    We are like a river forgotten, where can we turn
    I can't sleep, this noise is deafening
    It hunts my dreams, my heart frantically pounding
    Our words make no impact on them, it's like our shots are off target
    Their ears be closed to the masses, they have only evil intent
    We lay flat on the bullseye, strapped to the barrel drum
    While our so called leaders push the triggers of the sniper gun
    Now our Earth is soiled, for it runs with red
    With bloods of my people our streets bled