• scigs9 5w

    Do you ever walk a mile in my shoes?

    I go to work and feel unappreciated
    I'm overlooked, underpayed, over worked, and over critiqued
    I go home and things are a mess but I paint on happy feelings
    I laugh my life all like it's one joke but deep down I'm falling apart
    I'm told that I need to understand people's mentalities and handle them accordingly
    But nobody handles me with kids gloves
    Ask me questions like what's wrong, are you alright and I spit these transparent lies
    But if you dug a little deeper youd know I'm suffocating and struggle to keep on living
    My will is a candle that is blown out daily
    My persistence is fading
    So I'm sorry if I lash out I just have a lot of anger
    But bottling it down is just my nature
    And everywhere I look to turn has roadblocks
    My own mom has written me off
    My demons tell me to just swallow it
    But my heart can't stomach it