• kahawat_zindagi 9w

    Taking some time out of the regular life,
    I am here to explore the beauty of life,
    Mind never thinks positive because positive has never happened,
    In search of happiness, I am on a long ride to seek the happiness of life,
    I don't believe in love and friendship but believe in me,
    The reason behind this belief and slight happiness is my mom,
    I want to feel every single blow of air,
    Sitting comfortably in front of a rising sun,
    I am not only here to explore you my sun, I am here to learn somethings which I haven't tried to learn,
    How can you be so cool when everyday you burn!
    I don't want to get into past neither I want to stress myself about future,
    I just want to live the moment in which I am happy with what I am and for what I have.

    ✍Prangya Panda

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    ✍Prangya Panda