• agathasilkin 24w

    Window to the unknown

    She opened her eyes,
    and closed them again.
    She opened them one more time,
    And one more, and more...
    There was no pressure
    at the back of her head,
    and she felt no panick
    raising through her stomach,
    gripping at her throat,
    settling rigidly and painfully
    on her neck.

    She stood in front of a mirror,
    wondering if now,
    the premature wrinkles
    Decorating her face like a net,
    would also vanish,
    just like her inexplicable urge to cry,
    to see the world covered
    by a dusty vail of the unwanted dark.

    She wondered how easier it would be now,
    to leave what used to feel safe,
    but was never enough.

    She wandered how happy she might actually get,
    looking forward to the answer to that.