• kingharry1973 36w

    Skin Deep (* the promise)

    Softly caressed
    My newlywed bride
    Lying in a shallow grave
    A peaceful death by suicide

    Nearby I can perceive
    Our initials carved in a tree
    Her final deed
    A reminder into eternity

    I consider mutual suicide
    For lifes unfair
    Nothing more, nothing less
    Than an idealised despair

    Bound by grief
    I remember what she said
    “Ill find freedom
    When Im dead ...

    I feel numb
    No mortal fears
    Her purple gown soaked
    By my legacy,
    My blood, my tears

    Ice-cold wind whispers words
    Abandoning my childhood dreams
    Unanswered questions linger
    As from the past released

    And through my final breath
    I realise how fragile I am
    How nearby a blissful death

    --- Redemption ---

    The horizon of life
    Slowly fades away
    Into an iridescent ray
    Of sparkling light
    Towards an endless night

    --- Into ---

    --- Eternal ---

    --- Love ---