• burning_star 5w

    Cliche right ?

    Story of my life?
    Nothing special,
    Except for those dreadful moments.
    Cliche right?
    But it is what it is!
    The time when I feel broken,
    Too weak to get my pieces fixed all by MYSELF
    Sometimes when I pick up my broken pieces
    They don't fail to give me a cut
    Reminding me I'm alone
    Even when surrounded by hundreds of people
    They seem to be caring
    But aren't aware of what's going on in my mind
    They say they are with me
    But it just doesn't seem to be working
    It's been 16 years since I started breathing
    Yet it's getting difficult day by day
    And now I have built an invisible impenetrable wall
    Around myself
    Which acts as a shield, a life savior for me
    So it's quite foolish to expect help
    When I have myself built the wall, but still I do!
    I always try to fix my broken self
    Least bothered about the cuts from it
    And guess it'll continue until my last breath
    I wonder if people will be able to see those cuts
    When I get buried!
    This is the story of my life
    Cliche right?