• tushwrites 5w

    I miss those days

    We all are busy with our carriers
    We left our old home so easily to chase our future in big cities
    We all are living our life like a robot doing the same thing continuously every day
    The craze of brightness and glamour has made us forgoted those dim light conversations with our old friends
    In the craze of finding new apartments and new people we forgoted our old house where a hot tea with friends and a chilling winter was enough
    Actually there's a very big gap between what we need and what we want
    And when we give priorities to our needs we usually sacrifices our want
    For getting something bigger we always need to move on let it be a person or a place
    But still at the end of the day we miss all those memories
    So better we all should learn how to live the moment
    We all should know how to make each and every moment very special so that when everything will be over and we'll find ourselves somewhere new we must not have any regrets.