• simonemichelle 10w

    #horror #atmospheric

    I crept through the dark halls, in desperation. My mother's necklace was on her body, and I had to recover it at any cost. That necklace was the last remnant of my family, all that's left of my proud heritage. There was me too of course, but that necklace was far more valuable. It also had power, power I was afraid to yield, but also could not fall into the wrong hands. News of my parents death would have travelled far and wide, even after only a few hours. I was still in a state of shock but I had absolutely no time to mourn. The crypt was cold, even though it was a warm evening, and dark. So dark. I tried not to think about the fact that there were dead bodies all around me, and attempted to stay on task. I heard a sound and froze. I was not alone.

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    Into the Crypts
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