• gokarnika_therawrr 6w

    The Healer

    When I war between tears n smile .
    Tears say let me out
    Smile says put me on your face
    Tears say why do u control me
    Smile says just a bit while
    Tears say I'm unable to control anymore
    Smile says a lil more time to go
    * Slammed the room door ,turn offed the lights ,pillow on face ,blanket on the body*
    Tears ask, may I come out ?
    Smile fades , tears dribbles all the way down the cheeks ,
    Phone rings, teary eyes pick the call
    Hearing the voice , tears go dry
    Smile blooms on the face
    The name is yours
    The voice that healed the broken me
    You not only made me smile but you healed all my pain..
    You have the magic to heal me just in a jiffy
    10 minutes of conversation made the whole day happyy ... And so I fell in love over again for you ...