• borderline_philosophy 30w

    I don't now whether to hold on or to let go. Either way I see only despair for me. When you love with all your heart you are bound to be screwed.

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    I look back at my life and wonder
    Where did I go so wrong
    Years spent in agonizing loneliness
    No one to hold and walk along.
    Like a fresh breeze you came into my life
    Making me feel things I never felt before
    You made me feel alive in a way I never did
    Rendering my soul open for love and so much more.
    One day it all ended and I was alone
    Every day passed without you a trial
    Life losing all its colors and happiness
    All I became was a muffled soul unreal.
    Then my life got entangled with yours
    Much needed comfort I found in your arms
    Your every kiss took a part of the misery away
    Your embrace a blissful cocoon with no harm.
    Now you are gone and I am a shattered soul
    Unable to hold on or to let go
    Not strong enough to go through the tribulations again
    Broken heart drowning in an ocean of despair.