• jereme_palos 9w

    Planet Earth .

    Please do not litter or pollute .

    The items littered are contributing toward the

    environmental disasters that do happen .

    The items eventually make their way into the

    underwater fissures or the fissures within the

    ocean .

    Earthquakes , hurricanes , polluted waters ,

    environmental disasters , endangered and injured

    wildlife alongside polluted soil .

    Please make sure the item makes its way into a bin ;

    Whether the item is an item that should be

    recycled or not .

    Please remember that items of recycle are

    supposed to be disposed of within the recycling

    bin .

    The earth does have a level of personal health .

    Please discard the item within a bin instead of

    littering and / or polluting .

    Double bagging / triple bagging household

    waste items is actually healthier for the

    environment .

    A number of bags are supposed

    to be double / triple / multi bagged due to the

    weight of the waste within the waste bag .

    Double / triple / multiple bags around the waste

    can keep garbage bag sludge from spilling while

    removing the waste bag .

    Also , please have an enjoyable winter and please

    remember to have warm clothing .

    Additional entertainment :

    The oceanic water soaks into the earthen crust

    and alters the environment of the planet .