• fatema_sayyed00 5w

    Ik its not perfect, but its my very first attempt for concrete!!!
    Just to let you know, issa champagne glass!��

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #wod #concrete

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    ................ Darling, pour me
    the drink of your lo
    ve & let the sorrows fa
    de away.Feed me the wor
    ds of august & let the demons
    fly away.Walk me to the woods
    of fall & let me feel your warmth.Ta
    ke me to world of yours, where the
    moon descends with the shine of
    glory & the sun ascends with
    the promise of hope. Fly
    me to the wide blue
    sky of your pain
    ts, here i'd be
    flying with
    the wings
    you carv
    ed for m
    e, where
    i'd be dr
    all my
    with fi
    of colo
    urs fro
    m your
    i'd be
    with the
    touch of
    your love in my
    eyes. So darling, pour
    me the drink of your love
    & let the sorrows fade away.