• knjesh 36w


    Actually, artfully how it happens annually,
    A collection of affection in a connection,
    Simple like a dimple from the beauties of nature,
    Family is a race with a common base,
    Her length define the strength,
    Some bond with oaths that starts from North,
    Some blood is thick that's what covers the land,

    Cited in a United way of light sighted,
    Family is what we should be at all time,
    In crime we should always be prime,
    Mad happy even when sad,
    Together a family stand like a band on demand,
    A family removes moves that disproves,
    A family is what we should be to conquer,
    Conquer abductors of life that we acquire,
    She thrust trust to make a robust,
    Family starts from scratch, you attach to hatch,

    A family is what we should be, able to table a fable.