• saya__ 11w

    I need you.

    I kept wondering when our next perfect date would be and I will smile with my heart out in front of you and feel yours in mine. These lockdowns are getting me sick. I'm even tired of taking it's name everytime. I miss you and maybe it's the 999th time I told you this over these 3 months. Yes, I do and I can't resist myself on saying you this. I'm tired of wiping up my own tears. I'm tired of hugging and cuddling with my pillow. I'm tired of watching your photo everytime. I'm tired of being silent when I'm angry on you. Come to me. I want you to wipe down my tears and give me your shoulder to rest. I want you to hug and cuddle me till the never ending night ends. I want you to kiss me until I go out of breath. I want you to hold me when I'm angry and make your puppy face to make me kiss you. Come to me, please. I need you.