• mriganka 6w

    This isn't any quote.

    This isn't any quote.
    I was wondering about sadness, guilt, hatred, revenge, social aloofness, life philosophy which are so celebrated topics that half the time I end up writing on these issues.
    What I have always truly believed in, are miracles.
    I had learnt to not 'give up' and somehow I managed to let this idea drown into my emotional subconscious self.
    This is what exactly life teaches us: "You frame the rules with your observations and I change the entire setting".

    The reason for writing is this is to explain myself and even to the readers that life keeps testing us.
    Life is indefinable. Love is magic, Attachment is experience and death is unavoidable.
    I believe there are many reasons to smile and innumerable enough to let ourselves become a cause for someone's smile.
    This still isn't any quote.