• cupcake_virus 10w

    Knock-knock, I'm here
    On the other side of
    Street. I'd wait until dusk
    Or maybe daybreak. Or a couple of
    Eons if you please. My backpack hugging
    Me tight and a smile pasted
    On my fuck face. You know
    My deceptions but this is
    Not fake. I have my pockets all
    Oozing out green bills. There's food in
    My belly and friends to
    'Netflix and Chill'. I can swim
    Through the oceans and fly
    To the clouds. Curse has manifested
    And lonely I am all about. Wonders
    Of the world await me today. I sat myself on
    That lousy bus to run over the hate. You ask
    What did I think before crashing
    At your doorstep? I wish I had an answer
    And I was a little prepped.
    Thought? Rationale? Reason? Where does
    My mind go when I run to you?

    You sauntered to that street with
    Your head held down. Biting your nails
    And a funny frown. I waited for my
    Face to flush red as you touched. We stood there
    Until silence got too much. I chuckled and said
    "Hi". You poured your anger and umbrella attacked
    My thigh. My fuck face smiled at
    You uttering , "Where does my mind go
    When I run to you?"

    Prompt 2

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