• pacific_indite 24w

    The scattered pieces of my broken soul
    The fragrance of my dreams lost..
    Wish I couldn't get any dream again..

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    My Life turned in such a way
    My own place I slay..
    Innocence lost and pureness sold
    And I mourn my heart out..
    Terrible night is dreadful screams
    Of the foregoing me I dream..
    Shit came as such a disaster
    I lost me and cry to my immoral
    The horrible aromas of my lost self
    Now Which heart do I delve..
    I dream of the dreams I saw
    And all my wishes I myself clawed
    I killed, I died I lost everything
    Tears are in my heart now
    My old self is a dream now
    Did I put on a facade or shed it
    There is nothing my eyes can perceive bit
    I mourn on the death of me
    As I lost everything in my fucking dream.