• mikehauser 6w

    ~Never Enough~

    I've got all of this
    And even more of that
    Yet still I'm working on the list
    Of all I lack

    You'd think that I'd be happy
    With just some
    But to tell the truth, sadly
    There is never enough

    I save the Knicks and the Knacks
    Along with everything else
    Proud of the dust that they collect
    On the many shelves

    What hidden pleasures are hoped to find
    In this crazy elbow rub
    We all know I would be lying
    There is never enough

    All I can get if not more of it
    To fill this insatiable need
    Where spirits lift as I take a dip
    In this pool of insanity

    Better safe than sorry
    Hoarding all I've got
    Anyways, you know the story
    There is never enough
    ~m. hauser

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