• simon_rock_pujari 31w

    Poor talks suffers

    Can u feel that chill in the air??
    Yes u do!
    Even i feel the same
    It doesn't take all my money nor my background & power
    I'm just a poor man feeling more cold coz i dont have warm clothes & shelter like u

    Can u breathe in the fresh air??
    Surely u can!
    Even i as well
    The air doesn't discriminates me on the basis of who i am, what i am
    It's just the air is bit accumulated with foul smell of the place where i live
    Where there is lot of filth created by the responsible people of the high class society
    I'm just a poor man living on a degraded environment!!

    No!! No!! No!! Big thanks!!
    Dont u ask me to live in big bungalows!!
    I'm sure my place is much more clean
    Than those place where clean demons live..

    Yes i believe in god
    But i dont get time to go to any temple,church,mosque or monastery
    As i strive for food everyday & i respect it
    I have a faith that food is god too!!
    Not to talk about other faiths
    When i get to go to temple they say i dont have money & i'm poor
    I'm just a poor man degraded day by day
    ┬ęsimon rock pujari