• aabhajoshi7080 9w

    Choice, Time & Destiny

    I used to believe in that tale of choice when i was younger
    Everything that happens with us is what we ourselves trigger
    & then came a day that made me wonder, if it's the truth or just another blunder

    Caused by humans, too proud to have confusions
    Something that we heard & believed their intuitions
    Too guile & imbecile to raise any questions
    Our wind of thoughts flowing down the river of illusions
    & i bring forth what i now realize are delusions

    That choice is a myth for the broken ones
    & life as it plays us in cruel ways
    Renders all of humans hopeless & lost in strays
    It's the harshness in the voice of time as it says
    It's the true demon & all it slays
    & then there is the vicious destiny
    Making us dream but still set already
    Just to crush them with it's arms heavily

    Perhaps it's from these brutal forces
    That humans have learned in courses
    To be merciless & pace towards cruelty
    In truth, this tale of life is the most devoid of humanity
    The situations it creates, it's a fool's paradise
    Fellany & fantasy, luring us with desires
    And then blaming on us the consequences dire
    That we made the choice & we are the cause of the pyre
    And i don't talk of the rapists or the ones in sadist attires
    I talk of the ones with a pure heart who are still burning in the fire
    lit by choice, time & destiny, as they play with deceptions, the liars

    And if you again believe my this notion without any questions
    Then you are for sure still foolish & imbecile in all definitions
    For the best way to fight these three illusions
    Is to have your own thoughts & look for your own solutions
    Stop searching outside for your inner conundrums
    I say let's challenge them as we fight in unison
    With our own ideas and ammunitions..