• questioning_life 9w

    Stay away from me.
    I don't wanna drag you into this mess,
    I'm a bad luck charm,
    Ask anyone.

    I thought I told you to stay away.
    If you even breathe around me,
    Your social life will be gone forever.
    I'm just the loser,
    Ask anyone.

    Go away.
    You'll be seen hanging around me soon,
    I don't wanna destroy your life,
    Burden you with my problems,
    I deal with them on my own,
    Ask anyone.

    No. Stop.
    I'm not worth the effort,
    Don't bother trying to defend me,
    All you will do is lose the friends you've made,
    I'm just a loner,
    Ask anyone.

    I'm sorry.
    They saw you talking to me,
    They saw you treating me like everyone else,
    They saw you showing me what kindness looks like,
    They saw you giving me friendship,
    They saw you making me feel human,
    They saw you showing me respect rather than disgust,
    They saw you help me up,
    And now everyone hates you,
    And the sugar has turned into lemon juice,
    I'm sorry.
    I ruined your life.
    Ask anyone.