• venkatesh_agarwal 23w


    They said- " more you practice, better it becomes"
    I tried to move on from the problem
    But every goodbye was harder than before.
    All the people I met , all the memories I made
    Some shone like gold, some I wish I could evade
    There was care and there were cuts
    Words sharper than the sharpest of blades
    Out of everything else , I rue one thing the most
    'She' and her everlasting presence
    Which refused to call my heart an abode
    I tried to move on but the path ahead
    Only made me miss her more
    If ever she could see from my heart
    This story would be part of a folklore
    Was she right , am I wrong
    Only time will tell,
    For now I bid goodbye
    Walking with me is my own personal hell
    There is one thing that is certain
    That there is no one who could love her like I do
    If they indeed can
    Then they deserve her more
    And you may very well ignore , this stupid rant.