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    Chapter tenth - betrayed
    Part 2 (Merry Christmas Jimmy???)

    When I was talking with Edward's siblings I found one car came and parked in one move. Then door of car was opened by Edward. Yes Edward was there, coming towards me. Actually Lionel told me that Mrs. Orlem gave some work to him. But he was too lazy to do it soon. He came and pressed his lips to my lips. And gave me beautiful kiss.
    “Merry Christmas Jim. ”he told.
    “Merry Christmas to you too. ”I replied.
    “alright then Jim you are coming in party. ”Alice declared.
    “which party? ”I asked.
    “of course Christmas party. You are invited. Don't worry honey it is just small family get together. ”Alice told and passed most appealing smile with showing her two small cute fangs.
    “I guess you don't have any choice left. Don't worry Alice she will come. ”Edward told.
    “sure. ”I nodded. After that we completed our classes.

    I was near at my home gate waiting for Edward to come. Soon his car came and he came out from it. Then I went to him. He held my hand and gently leave a beautiful and gentle kiss. I just smiled and then we made our way to his house. There everyone gave me a warm welcome. And even Sofia also gave me a beautiful welcome. Something was surely wrong with her. Because her eyes were dark black. Which means danger. I can't read mind like these vampires. But I can sense some thing was wrong. Anyways after exchanging gifts, Rupert played songs and Edward pulled me on stage to dance. I was enjoying myself but there was so dark. I mean there was no light. Just only one small lamp. Of course vampires are sensitive towards light. Edward was dancing with full energy but I was not like them. So for small rest I sat on sofa. Soon Sofia came to me.
    “are you tired? ”she asked.
    “yeah. I'm not used to of it. ”I answered.
    “I can understand. Wanna drink something? ”
    “yeah sure. ”
    “then wait. ”
    Sofia told and made her way towards kitchen. There she took drink and poured it into glasses. Then she took ice cubes and poured them also. Soon her face started to cover with a devil smile. She took her purse and took out two pills. She poured those pills in drink and started to mix. They were drugs. She was giving Jimmy drugs.
    “Merry Christmas Jimmy. ”she told herself and smiled.
    Sofia came and gave me drink. I drank it. First of all everything was going good but soon my brain started to spin. My eyes were not able to open very well. I tried to got up. But soon I fell on the ground.
    “JIMMY!!!!!!! ”I found Edward shouted my name. That was the last thing I was able to listen.....