• romeoarnold 10w

    The Greatest lesson

    The only lesson which I fail to comprehend is to draw boundaries in love, to me love is not just a feeling or an emotion.
    Love a term which is so difficult to learn and understand but we all suffer due to love. Some people say true love is like a ghost only a few have experienced it but the folklores still spread across the globe.
    A phrase which I hate the most is "I'll always be with you " what a lie "!
    Even though how many lessons I learn about love. To me, love will always be unconditional and boundary-less across time and space.
    Love yourself, love others, even if they don't love you love them with all your heart but never ever keep hopes in your heart, psyche or soul.
    let them fly with you, above you, below you like a free butterfly and if they wish to be with you hold them with both hands and be their flower.
    The chemistry with a flower and butterfly are transcendental and beautiful be that flower and wait for that moment.
    That moment will be the greatest treasure you'll find in this journey, let the journey continue to let the waves and the tempest come, face them with patience and kindness.
    The tempest won't last for long and you'll find a shore of your Eden where you can be you.