• justharry 51w


    Struck dumb, I think they call it. Fear paralysis maybe? It's funny how English language that I have always thought to be my strong suit fails me now. Okay it's not funny really, or at all. Maybe mildly amusing. But what's even more amusing is the fact that I'm in such a position as this one and this is what I'm thinking about. They're getting closer. These masked people. I'd read the news. They killed people. Not just killed, but tortured and mutilated. It was in the paper this morning. Their last victim was a girl about my age. Same build too, and I had noticed that she had the most beautiful eyes. She had been badly mutilated from the neck below but her face was intact. I shrugged it off and ran to catch the bus. It was 'other people news', such stuff had no possibility of happening to me. And yet here I am, unable to move from the fear. Have I wet myself already? Imagine what Grandmama would say if she saw me. I think I remember the word. Petrified.