• danielquaver 10w

    There are moments I can't forget.
    Homie hit up my phone, like "Quaver what's good?. . . We got chillin' today - This afternoon.
    You up, right?"
    "This Lafia sun bro, but I'll try out my best tho.
    Tell them Rose to be fast o, I don't like stress".
    Later - that evening; he was like "Why are those girls a set of Savage ". "I don't know o, I replied laughing."
    Wait guy, how did we meet?
    Oga, you too like throwbacks. "True bro", I replied . ..
    You wore a shirt and one blue kicks like that, it was maad - I can't lie.
    Sitting down next to me, you were like "Abeg, which class we get now?".
    Before time went far, we started jist and even forgot the lecture sef, that mumu Physics that you won't even hear the woman. "Haba Ray, mumu physics kuma?" - I briefly cut in. Quaver you would not understand .
    The deep thing here is that, the first time I had doubts to whether you're "human".
    "Guy!!!, Why?" I asked.
    Yes, because the short time we spent made me discover a lot as we debated on different views to life. Keep it up bro.

    "Kai boss, I dey come fes". I said as I walked to the kitchen. Local man is hungry.