• warriorpoet 9w


    America can no longer judge other countries leadership. Until we fix our fucking own. we call them tyrants, dictators, and despots.

    but the extent of their sins is well known. unlike the ones we vote in. whose perversions and corruptions are never shown.

    we vote child molesters in line for the presidency. but react worse when we find out our officials ever got stoned. where's our fucking priorities.

    we lost them as we were trying to teach our children to act as clones. where all their diversity is stripped away. and Authoritarian parenting is something society no longer condones.

    we allow the courts to sabotage those who are more then qualified. by letting them be dissected under microscopes.

    yet we don't hesitate to blink an eye. when we choose our nominees from failed reality shows. for these are the seeds our media driven society has sown.

    a culture that cares less about who's running the country. and more about the release of the latest smartphone. and these are the very same fools who believe ours is a country that's to big to overthrow.

    because they trust the words of a man who has never tasted desperate. and who believes that all that he sees is his to own. so how the fuck is he going to appeal to working class drones?

    we haven't gotten any smarter. so he's free to offer gold, that were to fucking stupid to know is stone. as he cons us into accepting yet another bad loan.

    the rest of the world watches this fucking horror show. critiquing how far we've fallen. and how low we've left to go.