• colourfulgreys 6w

    In a country where naked fakirs have turned rare
    But the thinking of those days have not
    Where periods are still not normalized
    Short, dark, and fat are not adjectives but insults
    Where millions are not even considered humans
    And are called Dalits with ease
    Where sexual harassment is met with doubts and enrages none
    But a girl's short dress does
    Where girls don't write enough
    And women achievements are forgotten in a moment
    Where cuckoos sing only to attract hunters
    And thus evolve to be dumb
    Where friendships are just a conversation away
    Sporting zero tolerance.

    So how do I live?

    By seeing the kiss
    Between a pen and paper
    In the hands of little girls
    Leading to immortal offsprings draped in stories of heroines who revolted
    some silently, some roaring.

    And so I breathe with hopes of change.

    © Harfkaar 21-1-21

    In a country of deafening speeches of hate and discrimination. Let's start listening.
    Pass the mic to dalit men and women. To queer mates. To sexually abused men and women. To people with mental health issues, to those with physical disabilities. To those who have been displaced and oppressed for centuries. Let's celebrate women idols too.

    Let's shut up and listen. Let's pass the mics.

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