• samriddhi_purohit 23w

    Another one inspired from the previous piece. Anti-War.
    #mirakee #ponds #antiwar #war #army #innocent #blood #death #soldier

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    August Ponds

    I see an uproar in the August ponds
    Since the clouds be friends with them
    and share their water with every bonds
    I see a ripple and then I see two
    I see a disturbance in the waters
    that disturbs the reflections of me and you
    but what's the catch?
    Isn't it so ordinary?
    No it isn't
    the drops that fall are coloured deep cherry? It's blood
    as much as I admire
    the August ponds
    I mourn over the dreary loss
    of the civilian blood
    that turns its hue
    and makes the Ponds crimson due who shall I blame,
    for the blood in sight?
    to the soldiers that fight?
    or the rulers who secretly flight?
    the August ponds
    In praises of which,
    poets sang eloquently.
    In calmness of which
    the sages meditated diligently.
    We owe the soldiers in great debt but now there's nothing left.
    there's only crimson in August ponds
    And the soldiers families have turned Vegabonds