• some_call_me_mayhem 31w

    On Brazen Journey

    No more, no less; just as inconsiderate; but aware.
    On brazen journey, so far from traveled path.
    Stick to your guns, as I soar effortlessly past.
    Without competition, I embrace an inner and opposite trust.
    Such tepid triumphs, yet unwarranted equanimity so tangibly exists.
    As you battle another mortgage, loan or conquering job. My path so simple, free and pure; what novel thoughts as some barely endure.
    Ceased fighting currents of the universe gains weightless abandon, free.
    You are but a corpse in coffin on chauffeured hearse; an unquenchable shipwrecked thirst on salty sea. The shoe pebble your world, the sand grain your kingdom; adhered to sidewalk gum hot stuck in the morning. Society your yardstick, yet never measuring enough. Bottled lightning ions, my essence cause goosebumps and rebuff.
    Surrender your zeal, you stink of rotten defeat.
    There is no windfall, no luck, no valorous feet from effort and toil.
    Just mirages of clay, happily melting past on a sheen of snake oil.