• laughing_soul 30w

    Love beyond Galaxies..

    Driving back home from work one night I saw a strange fluorescent light, encircling the watch tower midst of the sea like a UFO it was blindingly bright. I stopped my car and rolled down the screens Ah! my nose got stung by the crisp cold breeze. The sound of waves lashing the rocks was mixed with something insane and just then I froze as I saw..
    © Laughing_soul

    As I saw a waif like figure, I think two of them. They were marching towards me, interacting in a language unknown. The green aura oozing out of them and angel’s halo on their head. My heart stopped beating precisely then, I wished to run but I froze. I was frightened as well as mesmerized by the creatures , I have seen in movies only, when suddenly..

    When suddenly the bigger figure shot a beam of flouroscent red right at my bum
    And I woke up to Maa's sweet voice asking me to wake up or the next thing coming at my ass would be sharper than a rolling pin
    I hugged Maa, and rushed to work
    The day was the usual
    I left for home at the usual time
    Driving back from work
    I froze as I looked at the sky in my rearview..

    Rear view mirror camera my fad for the ages .
    And one day while capturing the scenic beauty around it had captured one supernal figure.
    Milky white being flying around. Mix feel had taken a twist in my mind. Is that the fairy of heaven or any supernatural vibe.
    The sudden change of mesmeric evening ambiance turned into Halloween dark night. I startled from my hallucination and packed my stuff to get back to pavilion....

    Girl :
    While I was marching towards my home 
    Felt somebody is following me at same pace
    When I turned around to my surprise
    A fluorescent light encircling I found 
    It's my imagination or real I wondered
    By then a strong hand patted on my shoulder
    Looking at that cute handsome hunk
    I felt attracted and in love at the sametime
    He pulled me little closer to him and then
    suddenly my sleep got disrupt
    Still lying in my bed was thinking 
    what kind of dream I had and then
    there was a knock at my door.
    I stood on the porch, waiting for my love,
    and seconds later, she opened the door.
    Observing that glow on her face, my heart beats raced high,
    well, her eyes could take me every moment into those skies.
    She looked as surprised as I wanted her to be,
    after all, we had missed each other for a forever time already.
    I walked inside and she hugged me tight,
    saying, "I never want you to be out of my sight."
    I chuckled and loosened my arms,
    to look into her eyes and kiss her lips for long.
    After a while, I dove into her eyes to say,
    "I'll never be love. You won't have to imagine me anymore."