• jeg325 10w

    What Loneliness Is For

    I’m sitting alone and watching T.V.
    This big old house seems so lonely
    Nothing to do since you’ve gone away
    Except pine for you day after day

    My friends tell me to go out more
    But, I can barely make it thru the door
    Too many tears are filling up my eyes
    Matching the rain falling from the skies

    Every time I hear the telephone ring
    It reminds me of all the pain life can bring
    If only I had just a few days more
    I wouldn’t know what loneliness is for

    Tonight it’s a month since you’ve been gone
    Another day I don’t want to go on
    My only friend is this bottle with me
    So far I have yet to drink myself free

    There’s a party nearby yet I’m still here
    Stuck in this place with all of my fears
    I couldn’t miss you more than I do
    Color my heart and soul midnight blue

    I know there are people suffering more
    That say my broken heart I should ignore
    So I’ll leave it there and cry some more
    Now that I know what loneliness is for….