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    I'll miss my hostel �� Done with the Final Year Engineering exams

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    This morning, I walk out of Room 5,
    and turn around to realize, it's one last time.
    Through the corridor, a clear view of heaven outside,
    days to leave are near but my legs seem tied.

    Endless discussions and my words still not enough,
    talking about last four years, filled with memories of friendship and love.
    It's like a second ago, I had started living life,
    but then blinking my eyes to realise, it's one last time.

    Suddenly a breeze flows in through the window grill,
    and moments flash into my mind again.
    People abound to talk here,
    all having fun together and a familiar pain.

    And that's how in two days, I will leave,
    smiling at every other person whom I've known.
    Maybe someday, fate will call us to our only heaven alive,
    That is all I believe in, walking out of Room 5.