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    Let’s just forget about mistakes already committed, the only thing we can do is to handle the jar very well the next time. #learnfrommistakes .

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    Spilt milk

    Oh no ,oh no ,oh no ..
    It slipped off my hands .
    Flowing away .
    Just a can full but more .
    But it could have done much .
    Dripping and dripping
    My tears are sadly falling.
    And they ask why ?
    Why? Over this for what ?
    I say ,maybe just maybe
    For a dilution.
    To trek faster out of sight .
    Can’t you see my legs are pulled in muds ?
    Sluggishly into this sand .
    Same I frolicked in .
    On my way from the market.
    This looks like a conspiracy.
    Okay ,okay I’d stop .
    Next time, I’ll handle the jar
    Very very well.
    But before , a little more .
    Just a little .
    Let me bid farewell.

    ©Margaret Naa Korkoi Hammond.