• sena_hamza 6w

    Dear Corona Virus

    I see that you are a soldier
    A soldier waging a battle.
    A soldier following commands.
    Uniquely designed and obedient.
    But this battle was never yours to win.
    Because you see humans are busy
    Busy fighting a war against themselves!

    All the humans are locked up, effectively.
    But the animals inside them, exposed.
    Leaders everywhere run around in great haste.
    Trying to preserve human lives and save face.
    While each human turn against and kill themselves anyhow.

    Men who used to drink and are crazy
    Are now crazier because they can't drink!
    Women who used to complain of house chores still complain
    Because they have nothing new to complain about!
    Children are locked up, voiceless as usual
    Before it was the school systems and now it's the latest smartphone systems.

    Humans hold a triumphant history
    Of battles won against mother nature.
    But this war in the end can't be won
    Because it's set against their very own nature!
    To let the devil out of its cage
    Is to free the animal inside each human.

    The poor getting poorer
    Left with nothing, with nothing.
    The rich hoarding and getting bigger
    Aquired everything, has everything.
    So dear Corona Virus, let them be.
    One way or another, they'll kill each other.