• _poeticheart_ 6w

    Calling out to all the men out there,
    No matter who you are,
    A boyfriend, husband, father or brother,
    Because there's this one thing in common,
    All of you, have a woman in your life.
    Now there's these several questions,
    I want to ask, to you all,
    A question that is pertaining in my heart from quite a few weeks.
    If on someday or some night,
    Your girlfriend, wife, sister or daughter comes to you with torn clothes and blood-stained body,
    What will be the first question that would run through your mind?
    If she holds the courage to tell you that she was raped,
    Would you judge her because she lost her virginity?
    Or would you stand strong besides her?
    Would you call her the victim of rape or would you call her the goddess of strength?
    I don't know what all ran through your mind while reading this.
    But let me tell you that, if you'll judge her character by the virginity she lost and call her the victim of rape, then you no more deserve to be called a man.
    She needs you, your empathy and not sympathy
    Victim is not the one who was raped, but is the one committed the rape.
    He is a victim,
    A victim of a dreadly disease called inhumanity.
    A disease which would let him survive in today's society with high pride,
    and also a disease, the symptoms of which would not allow him to look at any girl with good sight, but fill his sight with lust whenever he looks at a woman in short dresses, sarees and kurtis.