• freeda 9w

    A short tale

    I was there living trifling little wars yet in peace in my queendom. Everything from this perspective looked the same, either everything would be special or boring and dumb! I wont say I never dared to go out of my island to other kingdoms, but hey, it didn't bother me ..perhaps I never cared ! One day as i was exploring the blue ocean around my island found this strange ship approaching towards me. Even before I could realize unknown gravity pulled me towards it !
    Now in the middle of sea ...I can either return to my land or to this ship.
    But poor me, if only my mind is sane ..., if only decision making was that easy.
    Now I am struck with trust issue ...,
    Is the ship safe and destined for me ?
    Will I loose my queendom getting into the ship?
    Is the ship true or mere a mirage in the blue desert ,I see ?
    Moreover, I have no idea about where the ship would lead me ?
    How can I now be at peace ??